Stop Oil Burning With Sea Foam Motor Treatment and Sea Foam Spray

Do you see blue smoke coming out of your tailpipe, or notice an increase in how often you have to add oil between oil changes? You may be thinking, are my pistons and rings worn out? Maybe it’s valve stem or guide wear? You may even consider engine or vehicle replacement because it wouldn’t be worth the time or money to fix it.


The problem could be as simple as piston rings sticking in the grooves because of built up carbon or gummy varnish. Deposits can build up when your engine experiences incomplete combustion. Causes can include poor fuel quality, a sticking thermostat not letting your engine come up to operating temperature, and old oxygen sensors. You might not even notice it if the issue is mild.

Incomplete combustion leads to residue building up on piston rings and the grooves they ride in. Rings have to be able to move freely to do their job of providing outward pressure against the cylinder wall. If they get stuck in the groove, they won’t provide a good compression seal or scrape oil off the wall back into the crankcase.

When compression rings don’t provide a proper seal, more combustion gasses pass into the crankcase. This is commonly referred to as high blow-by. High blow-by pushes more engine oil into the intake through the PCV which is then burned in the combustion chamber.


A simple way to find out if the issue can be resolved without a teardown is using Sea Foam Motor Treatment and Sea Foam Spray to break down gum, varnish, and residue, restoring your engine’s ability to manage oil consumption. Simply add Motor Treatment to the engine oil and fuel, and use Sea Foam Spray in the intake as directed to safely clean your pistons and rings of sticky deposits.

Before expensive and time consuming engine repair or vehicle replacement, try Sea Foam Spray and Motor Treatment.

SEA FOAM MOTOR TREATMENT works fast to clean oil residues and deposits that often cause oil burning.

For a simple way to overcome oil burning caused by varnish or residues, add Sea Foam to crankcase 100 to 300 miles before every oil change. Use Sea Foam every oil interval to help prevent the common causes of oil burning and oil flow issues.