Sea Foam Official Video: What is fuel stabilization?

This video answers the question, “What does a fuel stabilizer actually do?”

Learn about what happens to petroleum hydrocarbons when exposed to oxygen, fuel evaporation, and the loss of  light ignition vapors.  And, what you can do to protect your fuel from the harmful affects of petroleum gum and varnish residues that plague our engines.

Video Features:

  • oxidation of gasoline and diesel fuels
  • the difference between stable and unstable fuel
  • fuel evaporation
  • loss of ignition vapors
  • the formation of gum, varnish, and carbon
  • the importance of lubrication
  • unlike all other fuel stabilizer products, Sea Foam stabilizes fuel + cleans engine residues and deposits + lubricates + preserves light fuel vapor

Remember, Sea Foam Motor Treatment in your gasoline, ethanol, and diesel fuel works to stabilize petroleum molecules, control moisture, resist evaporation, preserves light ignition vapors, cleans residues and deposits, prevents gum and varnish formation, and lubricates upper cylinders!