“After using Sea Foam Motor Treatment…”

I’d just like to drop you guys an email thanking you for a terrific product!

The photo shows a LQ4 / 6.0 Vortec rebuild project after pulling from a 2005 2500HD Silverado.

After using Sea Foam Motor Treatment I took pictures of the pistons (during disassembly) after wiping them with paper towels.  All I did was wipe them with absolutely no scrubbing!  Anyone who has had to deal with trying to clean carbon off the decks of the pistons would absolutely appreciate Sea Foam. On previous rebuilds I have spent hours trying to clean up carbon.

I’ve never had such an easy time cleaning carbon.  Even the tips of the injectors and the combustion chambers on the heads looked spectacular.  I did no cleaning of the combustion chambers and lightly wiped the decks of the pistons as previously stated.

You’ve earned a new customer and a source of word by mouth advertisement.  Once again, thanks for a terrific product!

Josh R in New Jersey