Anyone in the engine fix business can relate to the challenges of describing how certain stuff works.  We’ve learned that diagrams and specialized application instructions can go a long way when helping our customers!

Sea Foam’s HOW 2 Instructions file library was created as a 24/7 resource for helping customers with product questions.  Use to find helpful descriptions, instructions and diagrams for the most popular Sea Foam product applications. Look for new page topics added regularly.

Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic, auto parts specialist, or DIYer, go to our website’s HOW 2 Instructions resource page and click on the product application or diagram you’re looking for.

Our 5 most popular HOW2 pages:

  • Adding Sea Foam to Crankcase Oil
  • Intake Cleaning with Sea Foam Spray
  • Cleaning Diesel Injectors with Sea Foam Motor Treatment
  • Engine Diagram – Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)
  • Engine Storage – Small Engine 2- and 4-Stroke

No matter what you’re looking for, just click to View, Download, Print, or Share any file you need, whenever you need it!

This is an excellent resource for parts specialists when helping customers with Sea Foam product questions and applications.  Please feel free to share the files with customers, co-workers and friends!