Fixing a Hydraulic System with Trans Tune

If your hydraulic system is slow, noisy, jerky, or weak, it is likely due to fluid that has broken down into sticky, gummy varnish. Many factors go into hydraulic system design to ensure smooth, noise-free operation, but that depends upon a clean system with the correct fluid.

Sticky varnish stops the pumps and valves in your hydraulic circuit from operating freely as they should. It plugs orifices and regulators. It jams the movement of control valves. It is eventually the cause of system failure.


Thankfully, you can break down these deposits by adding Sea Foam Trans Tune to your petroleum-based hydraulic system as a pre-flush. Use one pint per four gallons of fluid in your system.

Trans Tune reliquifies gum and varnish in your hydraulic fluid system. To get the best results, you will want to operate the system for at least a half hour before flushing the system. Make sure to cycle the system fully through its range of motion, and use all functions during the pre-flush.

The method for draining the old fluid will vary from system to system, so you should check the manufacturer’s service procedure to ensure the system is filled, primed, and bled properly after being drained. If there is not a procedure, you can shut the system off and drain the reservoir with a suction tool like a turkey baster to remove old fluid. You should then top off the reservoir and cycle the system more before draining and refilling the reservoir again.

If the fluid is very old, you might need to do a few flushes to restore full function. However, you should notice an improvement after the first flush. You may also benefit from running the hydraulic system longer before flushing if the fluid condition is noticeably bad.

Once the system is back in proper operating order with fresh fluid, add one pint of Trans Tune per 4 gallons of hydraulic fluid to condition the fluid for the life of that fluid. This ensures varnish stays liquified and does not cause issues in your system before your next service!

TRANS TUNE reliquifies gum and varnish that causes performance problems in hydraulic systems.

Trans Tune works in hydraulic fluid to clean sticky varnish from pressure valves and hydraulic pumps, and to help manage moisture in fluid. It’s safe for use in all types of petroleum-based hydraulic fluid and will not harm gaskets and O-rings or swell seals.
Sea Foam Trans Tune Added to Hydraulic Systema can of Sea Foam Trans Tune next to a Gallon can of Sea Foam Trans Tune