Would Sea Foam help an RV generator? [SOLVED]

Have a Ram Telero van Rv. My generator has trouble running when I use it for my air conditioner. It is a small generator (2800 watts).
Would putting this in van’s gas tank help? How often? Every time I full up? How much?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 months ago

Great question, Carol.

First off, Sea Foam will help if the problem is caused by sticky residue and varnish in your generator (which is the #1 most common cause of problems like that in small engines, especially when they sit).

I’d start by running Sea Foam through the generator itself.¬†Here’s a detailed how-to page. That’ll clean up any varnish/fuel problems.


After that, you’ll want to do what you can to keep Sea Foam in the generator whenever it’s sitting for a while (anything more than a couple weeks). Varnish and problems typically form when an engine sits.

To keep Sea Foam in the generator’s fuel system, add a full can of Sea Foam to the van’s fuel tank shortly before you arrive home (10 miles or so).¬† Then, before you store your RV, run the generator for 10-20 minutes to draw the treated fuel through the fuel system. That’ll prevent any more varnish from forming.