Will Sea Foam solve a float that’s stuck in the gas tank? [SOLVED]

My float in the gas tank is stuck. Will Sea Foam Motor Treatment help solve this problem?

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Jim D.
5 months ago

Thanks for the question, Glenn.

We don’t claim that Sea Foam will fix stuck floats. However, many people have told us that Sea Foam has fixed their problem. If the problem is caused by gum, varnish, etc. that’s causing it to stick, there’s a chance that Sea Foam could help as it’s great for cleaning up gum and varnish.

Try running a high concentration of High Mileage in the gas tank. Add an entire 16 oz can to a low tank (2-4 gallons ideally), and run as much of the treated fuel through the engine as possible before refueling. Just don’t run out of gas : )

Even if the High Mileage doesn’t fix the stuck float, it’ll do a great job cleaning up the entire fuel system, so it won’t be wasted either way.

Let us know what happens if you try it!