Will Sea Foam help my lawn mower from stalling? [SOLVED]

My lawnmower keep shutting off after it runs a little. Will putting Sea Foam in the gas help?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Kenneth. The most common mower engine problems are hard starting, loss of power, and stalling. Each of those problems is likely caused by a varnish restriction in the carburetor. What I’d do: 1) Remove the fuel from the tank. 2) Eyeball a quarter can of Sea Foam into the tank plus 10 or so ounces of fresh gasoline. 3) Remove the spark plug and pull the rope start cord 10 or so times to pull the cleaning mixture through the carburetor circuits and into the chamber. 4) Let the mower sit and soak for a night or two. 5) When ready to run, put the spark plug back in, then have the mower sit out in the warm sunlight for at least an hour before you try to start it. Once the engine starts, can do a bit of mowing to help the cleaning concentration continue work while the engine is hot. If it runs, expect the engine to recover quickly!

Here’s a helpful video on keeping mowers running strong:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G6yVc2OREI