Will Sea Foam help my 1979 MGB engine idle? [SOLVED]

I have a 1979 MGB with only 51,000 miles that won’t idle. Will Sea Foam work?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Judy. Most idle issues in carburetor intake engines are caused by varnish fouling. If you have a varnish problem then Sea Foam will help get things back to normal! What I’d do: When your tank low (1/8 full or so), add 2 cans of Sea Foam High Mileage to the fuel. When your drive/run the engine, the higher cleaning concentration in less fuel will be working through the carburetor to clean the fuel passageways. After you’ve run the engine at least 15 minutes, park the car and let it sit and let the treatment soak in the carburetor for a night or more. When ready to start again, take the car for a drive and pay attention to whether the idle starts to get its rhythm back. At that point add a few gallons of fresh fuel and you should be good to go for more driving! Another thing that would help a lot would be a Sea Foam Spray treatment into the carburetor throat to clean intake valves and chamber areas.