Will Sea Foam help a generator aboard a Class C camper? [SOLVED]

I have a new class c camper with a generator. Will Sea Foam help the aboard generator also???

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Jim D.
7 months ago

Good question, James. If the generator is drawing fuel from the camper’s tank, Sea Foam in the fuel tank will certainly help the generator. There are two main benefits. First, Sea Foam will help clean varnish and residues in your generator’s engine. Second, it will stabilize fuel and prevent varnish from forming when the camper/generator isn’t being used.

If you are looking to clean the generator/help it run better, I’d use the “can and hose method” rather than adding Sea Foam to the camper’s fuel tank. Doing that once a season is a great way to prevent problems and keep the generator running well.


If you are looking to stabilize fuel during storage, add 1 ounce of Sea Foam per gallon of fuel in the fuel tank, and then run the generator for 15 minutes or so. That will give it time to draw the treated fuel into the generator. A low tank of fuel makes this easier/more cost effective.

Side note about Sea Foam in your camper: for cleaning, it’s also much easier and cost effective to add the Sea Foam when the fuel tank is low. Wait until you’ve got a low tank of fuel (1/8 tank or so) and add 2 cans of Sea Foam. Then, drive until almost empty before refueling. The higher concentration will work much better than trying to treat a full tank.

Hope that helps!