Will Sea Foam fix an outboard that’s losing speed and bucking? [SOLVED]

My 50 horsepower 4 stroke Mercury keeps losing speed and bucking. Will Sea Foam fix this?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 months ago

Thanks for the question, Harold.

If the loss of speed/bucking is caused by gum or varnish in the fuel system, Sea Foam will help. (Note: Marine PRO would be a good choice too since it’s a strong cleaner in marine engines).

Here’s what I’d do:

Wait until you have a low tank of fuel (1-3 gallons). Add a full can of Sea Foam to the fuel. Run your boat at least 20 minutes if you can (just don’t run out of gas!), and don’t be afraid to run it hard. Then, refill your fuel tank as normal.

The #1 cause of a rough-running marine engine is heavier suspended fuel gum and petroleum varnish that restricts fuel passageways. The most important thing Sea Foam does is liquefy and clear away sticky gum and varnish restrictions so the engine can go back to starting fast and running strong.

Hope that helps – let us know what happens!