Will Sea Foam damage the catalytic converter in a Honda CR-V 2.4L? [SOLVED]

In a 2014 CR-V, 2.4L will Sea Foam Motor Treatment damage the catalytic converter? After a treatment (1/3 in the oil, 2/3 in the fuel, and a can of Sea Foam Spray through the intake), should I make an oil change? Thank you.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Hi Luc. Neither Sea Foam Motor Treatment nor Sea Foam Spray will hurt the catalytic converter. Sea Foam Spray is vaporized by the time it reaches the catalytic converter and won’t have any effect. Both products are safe for your catalytic converter.

You do not need to change the oil after using Sea Foam in the fuel or Sea Foam Spray through the intake. You can leave Sea Foam Motor Treatment in the crankcase until your next oil change. As usual, just keep an eye on the oil color and change it if it gets too dirty.

Hope this helps!