Will Marine PRO help water in boat fuel? [SOLVED]

I have an older 2-cycle outboard with about 30 gallons of pre-mixed fuel. I believe I have some water in the tank that has developed. Can I use Marine PRO to help eliminate the water in the fuel?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Thanks for the question, Brian. If you know you have water-contaminated gasoline there are two things you can do. One) If there’s a lot of water, remove the fuel. Two) If a small amount or not sure whether there’s water, try a few 12 oz bottles of isopropyl alcohol to solubilize the water.  Isopropyl works great, it cleans,  it’s inexpensive, and it’s safe/WON’T cause corrosive harm like ethyl alcohol (ethanol). Can buy isopropyl at any auto parts store.

Other is no, Marine PRO will not solubilize water but will help fuel system components and parts resist corrosion. It also works great in combination with isopropyl alcohol.

It’s also worth knowing that water in fuel will cause your engine to run rough, but won’t cause damage. If the isopropyl helps, can add more. Sometimes the best way to overcome the issue is burn through all the fuel. When you get through the contaminated fuel, replenish with only a few gallons of fresh fuel to test whether there’s any water left in the tank. Adding more Marine PRO and isopropyl will help if you need to purge out any remaining bad fuel.  Hope this makes sense!