Will Marine PRO help keep a Honda 4-stroke from stalling? [SOLVED]

My Honda 4-stroke runs great wide open but when I throttle down to troll it’ll stall on me. Will Marine PRO fix this issue or do I have carburetor problems? How much should I use in a 6 gallon plastic tank?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

The first thing I’d do is check or replace your Honda’s fuel filter! If not the fuel filter, your Honda’s problem is likely being caused by fuel gum and varnish, so Marine PRO will definitely help! The #1 cause of performance issues like rough idle or poor throttle response is heavier suspended fuel gum and petroleum varnish that restricts fuel passageways (including the fuel filter). The most important thing Marine PRO does is liquefy and clear away sticky gum and varnish restrictions so the engine can go back to starting fast and running strong.

Using Marine PRO: add a full can of Marine PRO to a low tank of fuel (1/4 tank or so). Then, operate the engine for at least 20 minutes before adding more fuel (just don’t run out!). This is the best way to clean out an engine and overcome performance problems (like stalling or rough idle) caused by fuel gum and varnish.