Using Sea Foam – what if my Mercedes has heavy oil sludge? [SOLVED]

Is it safe to add Sea Foam to an engine that has a very heavy sludge? My mechanic doesn’t recommend and oil flush as it might break up chunks of sludge and clog oil passages/galleys. My car is a 2011 Mercedes C250 1.8L C204.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

That’s a great question, Dennis. If you think you have heavy oil sludge, add half a can of Sea Foam or High Mileage to your oil when you’re 100 miles out from an oil change. Check the oil color before you add Sea Foam, add Sea Foam to the oil, then check your oil every 20 miles. Once the oil goes dark black fast, change the oil & filter. Keep doing that at the end of every interval and you can progressively reliquefy the sludge back into the fluid oil.  If you limit the treatment time there’s less concern about causing a clog.