Using Sea Foam Motor Treatment in a Ram Ecodiesel [SOLVED]

This is a two part question:
First, the Sea Foam Motor Treatment says that it is safe for diesel engines but I’m curious if it is safe for the Ram Ecodiesel? I know that these motors have a history of being very picky/fragile when it comes to what goes in to them.
Second, the Ecodiesel also has a history of substantial top end build up. Would you recommend using the Sea Foam Spray on the induction to help clean out the top end in one of these motors?

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Jim D.
3 years ago

Hey Nathaniel. Sea Foam Motor Treatment is always safe to add to your Ram Ecodiesel’s fuel.

To answer your second question, do NOT use Sea Foam Spray in your diesel’s intake. Adding a second source of fuel through the air intake could cause a diesel engine to “runaway” and ruin the engine. Look up some videos on YouTube about “diesel runaways” – dangerous!

Last edited 3 years ago by Brian Miller
Mark z
Mark z
1 year ago

What about in the oil pan