Trans Tune in Buick with 290,000 miles [SOLVED]

My 2004 Buick just turned 290,000 miles. I don’t know if the transmission has ever been serviced. So I’m leery of adding this. It shifts hard then it corrects itself. With that being said, would I benefit from Trans Tune?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
7 months ago

I’d start by assessing the condition of your transmission fluid. If your fluid is still red in color and full, I feel comfortable with you adding Trans Tune. If your fluid is brown, dark brown or black, I would recommend having the fluid serviced before adding Trans Tune.

Next, check for Check Engine or Service Vehicle Soon light codes. If you have trouble code P1811-Maximum Adapt and Long Shift, Trans Tune may not be able to help. In layman’s terms, P1811-Maximum Adapt and Long Shift means that the clutch packs are worn out.

Sea Foam Trans Tune can help clean you valve body that is the main artery of the transmission. If you have a sticky valve or solenoid, Trans Tune can clean the component restoring a quality shift.

Here’s how to add it: With transmission at operating temperature, check the fluid level to make sure the fluid volume does not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation after Sea Foam Trans Tune is added. If needed, remove enough transmission fluid so that after adding 16 ounces of Trans Tune fluid level will not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation. Add one pint (16 oz.) of Sea Foam Trans Tune to the transmission filler. When adding before a fluid change, drive at least 30-60 miles to circulate and clean before replacing fluid. When used as a cleaner or conditioner, add Trans Tune for the life of the fluid interval.