Trans Tune for power steering [SOLVED]

I took out 8 oz. of power steering fluid from my 97 Lincoln town car power steering reservoir and then added 8 oz. of Trans Tune, then drove 15 miles. The next day I drained the power steering reservoir and filled it with fresh power steering fluid and drove 10 miles. My question is can I repeat this procedure again and add the remaining 8 oz. of Trans Tune that I have leftover and drive for a few days (100 miles) and then drain the reservoir and fill it with new power steering fluid?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Thanks for the question, Dragan. You can certainly use Trans Tune as you’ve described. However, you can also leave the 8 ounces of Trans Tune in the fluid for the full life of the power steering fluid, so no need to drain until a fluid replacement is needed. That’s what I would do!