Trans Tune for hard shifting Buick Enclave [SOLVED]

I purchased a 2014 Buick Enclave with 110,000 miles. I’ve been going through all the maintenance one by one. The latest has been the transmission. I did get it serviced, but it still shifts hard. The mechanic says he found nothing wrong. Can I add Sea Foam Trans Tune to the existing transmission fluid and drive till my usual oil change, and then get it serviced again? Then just add Sea Foam to the transmission fluid?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 months ago

Hi Carla – great question. You can absolutely add Sea Foam Trans Tune like you described. Just add a full can of Trans Tune to your transmission fluid.

Trans Tune cleans residues and varnish that can cause transmission performance problems. If the hard shifting is caused by sticky residue, Trans Tune will help clean it up and restore smooth performance.

Also, if you just got your transmission fluid changed, you don’t have to change it early. Just add the Trans Tune, and drive until your next scheduled transmission fluid change. Trans Tune will continue to clean and condition as long as it’s in there.