Should I change the oil after doing a Sea Foam Spray treatment? [SOLVED]

Hi, I have been using Sea Foam Motor Treatment in the fuel tank and oil crank case for years on cars, boats, small motors, etc. and love it! Works great. I’ve never done the top engine spray for intake, throttle body, etc. Is it recommended to change the oil after using Sea Foam Spray? I understand there will be smoke. Thanks!

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Jim D.
Jim D.
7 months ago

Thanks for the question, Joe. Glad to hear!!

To answer your question, you do not need to change the oil after using Sea Foam Spray through the intake.

Take a look at the diagram below and it will make more sense. The Sea Foam Spray cleans the intake valves after entering from the air intake. Note the oil crankcase at the bottom. The Sea Foam Spray and oil will never mix.