Should I add Sea Foam before or after draining the oil? [SOLVED]

My 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 V8 has been sitting without starting or moving for 2 years. Should I drain the oil first and then add Sea Foam Motor Treatment to new oil, but change it again before the next scheduled oil change? Also, how should I use Sea Foam with the fuel that’s in there (approx. 1/4 tank)?

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Jim D.
11 months ago

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the question. While it’s always best to use fresh fuel and oil, after two years of sitting you can add some Sea Foam to the fuel and oil without draining it first.

Here’s what I’d do:

First, pick up two cans of Sea Foam Motor Treatment (or better yet, High Mileage Motor Treatment).

Add 6 oz to the oil (1 oz of Sea Foam per quart of oil), and pour the rest into the fuel tank. Then, drive the Jeep until almost empty before refueling. This allows time for the oil to circulate. It also runs a high concentration of treated fuel through the fuel system, which will clean out any varnish that formed while your Jeep was sitting.

At that point, go ahead and change your oil. Drive your Jeep as normal. Then, when you’re 300 miles out from your next scheduled oil change, add 6 oz of Sea Foam to the oil. That allows the Sea Foam time to circulate, and all the reliquefied residues and deposits to drain away with the old oil.

Note: be sure to never have more than 1 oz of Sea Foam per quart of oil in the crankcase.

Hope that helps!