Should I add Sea Foam before or after an oil change? [SOLVED]

When should I add Sea Foam Motor Treatment to my oil? Can I do it right after I change my oil and run it the whole time?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 months ago

Great question, Randy.

I’d recommend adding Sea Foam 100-300 miles before your next oil change. That does two things:

  • First, it gives the Sea Foam enough time to clean and reliquefy residues. You can add it much earlier than this, but 300 miles is enough time for it to work.
  • Second, it allows all the reliquefied residues/gunk to be drained away when you change your oil.

Though 100-300 miles before an oil change is the best time to add it, it’s okay to add Sea Foam right after you change your oil, especially in a clean/newer engine. It’s safe to leave in there for the life of the oil.