Sea Foam Spray clean an intake manifold? [SOLVED]

Can Sea Foam Motor Treatment or Sea Foam Spray clean the inside of an intake manifold? I have an old Kia with a 1.6 engine and I think there’s some buildup there. I don’t want to remove the manifold for cleaning.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Peter. Sea Foam in your fuel would not have any ability to reach or clean the inside of an air intake manifold. Using Sea Foam Spray through your Kia’s throttle body will work to help clean the manifold as it’s drawn through the manifold to reach the intake valves.  To summarize, apart from removal and hand cleaning, the only way to reach or clean any area of a gasoline vehicle’s intake parts would be to use an intake cleaner like Sea Foam Spray.  Keep in mind that cleaning the intake valves and chambers is most critical. Hope this helps!