Sea Foam in my 2001 Silverado oil [SOLVED}

I have a ticking sound that started in my 2001 Silverado that started about a week ago. I have about 4k miles till my next oil change. Can I add Sea Foam and do the 300 miles and change oil. Or what should I do?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Thanks for the question, Jose. If you have a lifter noise/sticky lifter, go ahead and add Sea Foam right away. There is no need to change your oil earlier than typical. Keep adding half a can your your Silverado’s oil every interval to help reliquefy harmful varnish residues and deposits.  Lifter noise typically fades away quickly, or can sometimes requires two or three intervals.

Here’s a great video sent to us from a Sea Foam user:

The video shows how Sea Foam High Mileage worked to clean varnish in a higher mileage Kia. The video does a great job to show what typical varnish looks like, then how well Sea Foam High Mileage works to bring the varnish residue/deposits back into the fluid oil phase so everything can drain away when we change our oil.