Sea Foam help my mower? [SOLVED]

I have to spray starting fluid into my lawnmower’s carburetor throat every time I need to mow so it will start. Would Sea Foam added to the gasoline eliminate this?

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Jim D.
2 years ago

Thanks for the question, Kathleen. Supposing you have a good spark plug, my guess is that Sea Foam will quickly overcome your mower’s starting problems. Try this: Add half a can of Sea Foam and a little fresh fuel to the tank before you use your mower again. You’ll have to start  the engine with starting fluid because the Sea Foam isn’t in the carburetor yet. When you’re done mowing, add the other half of the Sea Foam can and some fresh fuel… and let the mower run for 5 minutes before shutting off.  The next time you try to start the mower will determine whether Sea Foam helped with starting your mower!