Sea Foam for sluggish F150 [SOLVED]

My 2020 F150 eco-boost 3.5 is starting to act sluggish. I’m at 70 k on it. Anything I should try with Sea Foam?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Good question. While there are many things that could cause sluggishness in your Ford, here are two things you can try with Sea Foam that will help if it’s related to fuel residues/deposits.

First, add two cans of High Mileage Motor Treatment to a low tank of fuel (3-4 gallons). Then drive until almost empty before refueling. The high concentration is one the best ways to use it and does a great job cleaning fuel residues.

If that doesn’t help, try a Sea Foam Spray treatment through the intake. You can find full instructions for that on the Sea Foam Spray page.

Either way, both of those treatments clean and lubricate critical engine areas, so they’re good routine maintenance anyway.

Hope that helps!