Sea Foam for my new Briggs & Stratton zero turn mower [SOLVED]

I just bought a brand new zero turn lawnmower with a 22hp B&S engine. I only want to put the highest octane fuel in it without any or the least amount of ethanol.
Because I will not be using the lawnmower until winter is over, and I filled the tank with fuel. Is that okay to have the Sea Foam in there? My thinking is I want to keep the fuel as fresh as possible so when I do get on it in about one month.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Steve. Adding Sea Foam to your mower tank will work to stabilize the fuel, add lubrication to the upper engine, and keep the fuel passageways clean. For all those reasons it’s an easy yes! Because mowers can sit for a while it’s particularly important to keep Sea Foam in the tank. Additionally, octane has nothing to do with fuel quality. A higher octane number only means that the fuel requires more compression to combust in the chambers.

This video was created to answer your question: