Sea Foam products for my Intek mower engine [SOLVED]

I was thinking about using Sea Foam products in my riding lawnmower’s gas/oil/air intake to give it a good cleaning. Any advice would be appreciated and thank you for your time.

It’s a 2008 MTD mower with an Intek engine if that helps.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Thanks for the question, Matthew. Here are some basic ideas for getting started: The easy thing to do is add a whole can of Sea Foam to the fuel when the tank is low and mow for 20 minutes before adding fuel. It’s a great way to clean through the fuel system and upper engine, especially when using Sea Foam in any gas engine for the first time. For treating the oil, you’ll want to add one ounce of Sea Foam per quart of oil when you’re thinking about changing the oil. For small engines (riding mowers), 20 to 60 minutes of run time (with Sea Foam in the oil) will work to reliquefy any heavier residue back into the liquid oil so crud can easily drain away when ready to replace the oil and filter. When ready to clean the intake valves and chamber areas, you can use Sea Foam Spray into the carburetor throat. Hope this helps!