Sea Foam after ethanol in a 1979 Corvette [SOLVED]

I have been using regular gas in a 1979 corvette when I should have been using non ethanol. Will Sea Foam help?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
7 months ago

If you’re concerned about gum and varnish buildup, Sea Foam will clean gum and varnish in the entire fuel system and add protective lubricity to fuel system parts as well. I’d start by adding a can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment to a low tank of fuel (2-4 gallons) and drive until almost empty before refueling. That will do a great job cleaning. Then, if you’re not driving your Corvette very frequently, I’d add a can of Sea Foam to every tank of fuel when you fill up to stabilize the fuel when you’re not driving it and help prevent gum and varnish from forming. Hope that helps!