Pouring Sea Foam into the throttle body [SOLVED]

Hi I have seen on YouTube guys pouring Sea Foam directly into TB (Jeep 4.0.), resulting in a lot of white smoke coming out of exhaust while “cleaning”. Is this a way to go with my Jeep?

I have read claims that such process hurts the cats. Is that true?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Thanks for the question, Morten!

To clean through the throttle body, use Sea Foam Spray instead of pouring the liquid version (Sea Foam Motor Treatment) into the TB. Sea Foam Spray is an aerosol version of Sea Foam and it does a much better/even job of cleaning. And no, it won’t hurt the cats – 100% safe!

Also, the smoke you’re seeing on YouTube is vaporized oil from the Sea Foam Spray formulation. Whether you see the vapor makes no difference in how it worked.

Here’s a quick overview video about why/how you’d use Sea Foam Spray:


Hope that helps!