Is Trans Tune a flush or a conditioner? [SOLVED]

Is Trans Tune a flush or a conditioner? One is an additive, and the other is a cleaner which needs to be changed at a certain interval. How many miles can it go before it starts to lose its capabilities to do what it is designed for?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
6 months ago

Good question, Matthew.

Short answer: you can use it as both a conditioner and a cleaner (flush).

Trans Tune cleans sticky residues and varnish in a transmission. It also prevents residues and varnish from forming. You can leave it in there for the life of the transmission fluid. As long as it’s in there, it will work to help prevent residue and varnish from forming.

If you are about to change your transmission fluid and there isn’t any Trans Tune in there, I’d for sure add a can and drive 100 miles before changing it. That will work great as a flush. Then, when you add the new transmission fluid, add a can of Trans Tune as a conditioner.