Is Sea Foam safe for old engines? [SOLVED]

I inherited a 2005 4-cylider Toyota Corolla, 1.6L, automatic transmission, with 45000 Kilometers (28000 miles, certified).
Obviously, it spent a long time sitting unused.
I have replaced all oils and gasoline and want to give the car to my daughter.
Will adding Sea Foam to the fuel be of any benefit or will it risk damaging anything in this 18 year old (but barely used) engine?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Rob – that’s a good question!

Adding Sea Foam to fuel would be a great way to clean the engine and overcome any performance problems related to fuel (which is a very common cause).

It’s made with 100% safe petroleum cleaning and lubricating ingredients, so it’s safe to use in any engine, including an 18 year old Corolla. It doesn’t have harsh chemicals, so no worries about damaging anything, regardless of age.

Our recommendation:

Add a full can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment to a low tank of fuel (1/8 tank or so). Drive it at least 20 miles before refueling to give the high concentration of Sea Foam a chance to work through the system. That’s one of the best ways to use a can of Sea Foam!

Thanks for the question and hope that helps!

1 year ago

I have a 2015 Nissan with 50 thousand miles. Is Sea Foam Motor Treatment in the fuel safe for it?

3 months ago

I have a sixty year old four sixty motor. Will Sea Foam work in it and is it safe?