How much Sea Foam to clean a Kawasaki Brute Force carb? [SOLVED]

I recently got a 2006 Kawasaki Brute Force 650. It has not been run in five years. I just got it started and I think the carb is dirty. How much Sea Foam Motor Treatment should I use to try to clean the carb?

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Jim D.
1 year ago

For a dirty carb, you’ll want to use a relatively high concentration of Sea Foam Motor Treatment in fresh fuel. Short answer: add a can of Sea Foam when your tank is low (a gallon of fuel in the tank or so…make sure it’s fresh fuel). Then, run it until almost empty before refueling.

Here’s a longer description of how to clean a dirty carburetor, especially if the engine isn’t starting well:

  1. If there’s old fuel in there, remove the old fuel from the tank, then drain the fuel from the carburetor (usually a screw). (If you’ve got fresh fuel in the tank, wait until you have a low tank of fuel and add the Sea Foam as described in step 2).
  2. Add a cleaning dosage of Sea Foam to an empty tank followed by a small amount of fresh fuel. Add one part Sea Foam to 3 or 4 parts fresh gasoline (1/3rd can and a pint of gas would work great).
  3. With Sea Foam mixed in the tank fuel, rope pull/crank or press your primer bulb 3 or 4 times to draw the fresh fuel and Sea Foam into the carburetor.
  4. Then let the engine sit overnight  to allow the Sea Foam to dissolve any fuel residues from the carburetor (older or excessive gum/varnish may need to soak two to three days).
  5. Once the engine starts, the Sea Foam in the fuel will continue to clean and help restore lost engine performance.

Check out the how-to instruction sheet for details…