How much Sea Foam in a bass boat? [SOLVED]

How much Sea Foam do I use in a 23 gallon container for use in a bass boat?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Good question, Chester.

If you’re storing the fuel or adding Sea Foam for routine preventative maintenance, add 1 ounce per gallon of fuel. Marine PRO works great for this as well.

If you’re adding the fuel to the boat’s tank, here’s a great thing to do once in a while to clean your engine:

Wait until you have a low tank of fuel (1-3 gallons). Add a full can of Marine PRO to the fuel. Run your boat at least 20 minutes if you can (just don’t run out of gas!), and don’t be afraid to run it hard. Then, refill your fuel tank as normal.

For upper engine cleaning (fuel injectors/carburetor circuits & chamber deposits that can affect running performance), it works much better to add the full can to a low amount of fuel for two reasons, 1) the cleaning concentration is considerably greater and, 2) the cleaning effect will start much faster with greater effectiveness. If you were to add Marine PRO to a high volume of tank fuel, it might take several hours of engine running for a lower concentration of the treatment to work its way through the fuel lines and through the engine. Understanding the concentration approach will go a long way in terms of understanding how Sea Foam’s engine products work for overcoming fuel residue restrictions or a rough-running engine. Pay attention to starting, smooth idle, throttle response, hole shot, acceleration, and top speed. The #1 cause of each of these issues is heavier suspended fuel gum and petroleum varnish that restricts fuel passageways. The most important thing Marine PRO does is liquefy and clear away sticky gum and varnish restrictions so the engine can go back to starting fast and running strong.

Hope that helps!