How much Sea Foam for a car that’s dying out? [SOLVED]

I have three quarters of a tank of gas. And it is dying off when I stop. How much of the Sea Foam Motor Treatment should I put in there ?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 months ago

Hi Kathy – here’s an article that might help with figuring out your problem:

Whatever you come up with as a cause, it’s definitely worth adding some Sea Foam. If caused by a dirty fuel system, Sea Foam will help. Either way, it’ll do a great job cleaning things up.

If you can, drive until the tank is almost empty (about 1/8 of a tank or so). Then, add an entire can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment. Sea Foam High Mileage would also work very well (it’s strong and a great cleaner when you’re trying to overcome problems!). After adding, drive at least 20 miles before refueling.

Using a high concentration like that is the best way to clean residues and deposits that may be contributing to your problem.

If you can’t drive that far, just add the whole can to the ¾ tank and drive until almost empty before refueling.