How many miles can I leave Sea Foam in oil? [SOLVED]

Is it safe to run Sea Foam in my truck for the whole 5,000 miles between oil changes?

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Jim D.
2 years ago

Good question, Dylan. Here are two thoughts:

1). Sea Foam is made from 100% safe cleaning and lubricating ingredients. It can’t harm engine parts or components, no matter how long they’re in contact with Sea Foam.

2) That said, I’d recommend waiting until you are about 100-300 miles out from your next oil change before adding Sea Foam. The Sea Foam will reliquefy residues and deposits and put them back into circulation with the oil (so they can be drained away when you change it). The crankcase is now much cleaner, but your oil will have whatever the Sea Foam has reliquefied, so it’ll be darker and ready to change before too long.

Exception: if you’ve already been running Sea Foam in your oil for a few intervals and think the crankcase is pretty clean, you can go ahead and add it for the whole 5,000 miles – it won’t hurt anything and will help prevent residues and deposits. Just check the oil color periodically as you normally would and change it if it becomes too dark.

Hope that helps!