How long will Marine PRO stabilize fuel in the fuel system? [SOLVED]

It says that Sea Foam Marine PRO will stabilize TANK fuel for 2 years. Which is great! I was wondering when storing my boat, how long will Marine PRO stabilize fuel in the fuel system of the motor? ( fuel filters, fuel lines, injection pump, etc.)

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Jim D.
Jim D.
26 days ago

Great question, Sean. Marine PRO will stabilize fuel no matter where it is, as long as that fuel has been treated. It’ll stabilize for up to 2 years. Here’s the important part: make sure you add Marine PRO a while before you store your boat and run it long enough to draw the treated fuel through the fuel system.

It’s okay to add more than 1 oz per gallon as well – adding a full 20 oz can to a low tank of fuel (2-3 gallons) and then running it hard for a while is a great way to clean things up before you put it away for the year.