High Mileage in a 2003 Lexus LS430? [SOLVED]

I have a 2003 Lexus LS430 with 270,000 miles. Can I use Sea Foam High Mileage?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
5 months ago

Yes, absolutely! Sea Foam High Mileage would work great in your Lexus LS430. It’s made to clean stubborn deposits and residues from the fuel system and oil crankcase in higher-mileage vehicles.

Here’s what I’d do:

Wait until you have a low tank of fuel (1/4 to an 1/8 tank or so) and add a full can of High Mileage. Then, drive it until almost empty before refueling. That gives the High Mileage a chance to work through the system, and the high concentration will do a great job cleaning.

You can also add High Mileage to oil. Add 1 ounce of High Mileage per quart of oil in your crankcase. We recommend adding it 100-300 miles before your next oil change.