Does Sea Foam Marine PRO have alcohol? [SOLVED]

I’ve been using the regular Sea Foam Motor Treatment in my marine 2-stroke for years with no problems, but I wanted to just ask to understand better. Are both Sea Foam Motor Treatment and Marine PRO alcohol-free? The MSDS sheets lists alcohol in Motor Treatment, correct? I know the Marine PRO is advertised as alcohol-free, which is why I ask. Thanks!


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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Hi Brent,

Great question! There is a lot of talk (and misunderstandings) about alcohol in fuel additives.

First, Sea Foam Motor Treatment does have a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. Here’s a note about isopropyl from one of our blog posts about choosing the best Sea Foam treatment for your engine:

Isopropyl alcohol (derived from petroleum) is very well-known for its ability to effectively solubilize water in fuel. Additionally, isopropyl is an excellent fuel residue cleaner. Unlike ethyl alcohol (derived from grain), isopropyl is not corrosive and does not have the same ability to draw moisture from the atmosphere. While there’s often confusion about the different types of alcohol and how they work in a fuel additive, isopropyl is a safe and effective petroleum-based ingredient. In any case, some Sea Foam products include a small amount of isopropyl and some do not.

As you noticed, Marine PRO does not have any alcohol to meet some marine manufacturer requirements. Whatever position you take on alcohol in fuel additives, Sea Foam Motor Treatment has always been a safe and effective additive to use in marine engines like your 2-stroke (thanks for using it!).

Marine PRO is specially formulated to clean and protect marine engines. Many have switched to Marine PRO after trying it and seeing the results, but both products are safe and will work great in your outboard.