Difference between Marine PRO and Sea Foam Motor Treatment? [SOLVED]

What is the difference between Marine PRO and regular Sea Foam Motor Treatment?

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Jim D.
1 year ago

Thanks for the question Eric.

Sea Foam and Marine PRO are similar in that each are made from 100% petroleum cleaning and lubricating oils. Both are good cleaners, and both stabilize fuel.

Marine PRO is specially formulated to help prevent and overcome the issues that marine engine owners deal with the most – like hard starting, rough idle, fuel degradation, premature engine wear, and corrosion. Designed to add to every tank of gas, it stabilizes fuel, cleans injectors, adds lubrication and corrosion protection. It does not contain alcohol, which is something marine engine manufacturers can be particular about.

If you do try Marine PRO, be sure to try this to get the most out of it:

Wait until you have a low tank of fuel (1-3 gallons). Add a full can of Marine PRO to the fuel. Run your boat at least 20 minutes if you can (just don’t run out of gas!), and don’t be afraid to run it hard. Then, refill your fuel tank as normal. The high concentration is a great way to clean your marine engine.

If you’re still curious, read a few reviews on the Marine PRO product page.

Hope that helps!