Can I use Trans Tune to clean a transmission? [SOLVED]

I just replaced my transmission with a used transmission. The garage did a crappy job, didn’t charge anything out like they should have. Can I use this to help clean the transmission to be on the safe side?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 month ago

Good question, Tonya. Yes, that’s a great use for it. Trans Tune works to clean varnish and residue from valve bodies and shift solenoids (and anywhere else the transmission fluid comes into contact). Lots of people use it as a pre-flush to clean out their transmissions before a fluid change.

Here are the directions:

  • With transmission at operating temperature, check the fluid level to make sure the fluid volume does not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Add one pint (16 oz.) of TRANS TUNE to the transmission filler. When adding before a fluid change, drive at least 30 miles to circulate and clean before replacing fluid.
  • When used as a cleaner or conditioner, add TRANS TUNE for the life of the fluid interval.