Can I use Marine PRO for a shock treatment? [SOLVED]

Can I use marine pro for a shock treatment?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Thanks for the question, Joe. If you are wondering if you can use a high concentration of Marine PRO to clean out an engine that’s running poorly, yes!!

What I’d do: Add a full can of Sea Foam Marine PRO to a low tank of fuel (less than 1/8 tank). Run it for 20 minutes (and don’t be afraid to run it hard) to let the Marine PRO mixture work through the system. That is the best way to clean out your engine and help overcome any problems from fuel gum/varnish (which can cause rough idle, loss of top end speed, hard starts, stalls, etc.).

It’s safe to add a large amount (a full can to 1-2 gallons of fuel) of Marine PRO to fuel and works very well at that concentration.

After you finish the cleaning treatment, add Marine PRO to every tank to keep things clean and lubricated.

Hope that helps!