Can I add Sea Foam to oil if I just changed it? [SOLVED]

I recently did an oil change to my Range Rover. I was wondering, can I still put Sea Foam Motor Treatment in the oil that I just changed recently and drive it?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
6 months ago

Yes, you can add Sea Foam Motor Treatment to the oil at any time.

That said, our standard recommendation (especially with older/high mileage vehicles) is to wait until you’re 100-300 miles from your next oil change. Sea Foam works to reliquefy heavier oil residues and deposits so they can be drained away when you change your oil. Adding the Sea Foam around 300 miles before your oil change does two things: first, it gives the Sea Foam time to circulate and clean, and second, it allows you to drain away all the residue that’s just been reliquefied (instead of letting it circulate for the oil’s lifespan).

You can definitely still add it now, but just keep an eye on your oil and change it if it gets too dirty.

Hope that helps!