Can I add an entire can of Sea Foam to clean injectors? [SOLVED]

What does it mean on the can when it says ‘For injector cleaning machines, use 50/50 mixed with gas’?
Now I have around 3 gallons of gas in my tank (almost empty). Could I add the entire 16 fl oz bottle to try cleaning injectors?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
6 months ago

Good question, Marco.

Injector cleaning machines are specialized machines used by mechanics and shops. They allow you to run a high concentration of fuel and a cleaner directly through the injectors, which is why the can calls for a 50/50 mix of Sea Foam and fuel when using them.

You can also clean fuel injectors by adding Sea Foam Motor Treatment to your gas tank as you are saying. You’re right on track with the idea to add the entire 16 oz can to your low tank of fuel. Add the Sea Foam, and then drive at least 20 miles (or longer) before refueling. The high cleaning concentration you achieve does a good job cleaning injectors.

High Mileage Motor Treatment works great for this as well as it’s formulated for stubborn deposits and residues (it’s strong!).

Hope that helps and thanks for the question!