Adding Trans Tune to transmission fluid after a fluid change [SOLVED]

I have a 20 year old Honda Accord. It’s been great, but the transmission is failing. I would love to get about 6 more months out of the car. I am only doing about 500 miles per month. My mechanic just flushed the transmission, put in fluid, and changed the in-line filter. I know I should have added Sea Foam Trans Tune during the process, but I didn’t. So . . . should I just add Trans Tune now? The fluid is full, but I suppose I could drain some off and then add. Please advise.

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Jim D.
3 years ago

Great question, Greg. You can go ahead and add Trans Tune to the fresh transmission fluid. Trans Tune will work great to condition the fluid until you replace the the transmission fluid. If your fluid level is full when your transmission is at operating temperature, drain off 16 oz of transmission fluid and add a full can of Trans Tune. Never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended fluid level.