Accidentally put engine oil in transmission [SOLVED]

I accidently put engine oil when refilling a Kawasaki transmission. Was able to drain right away and put in fresh transmission fluid. Will it be OK?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Nancy. Though the topic does not appear to be Sea Foam product related, we appreciate your question and are glad to offer some help! It would appear to me that all is fine. Note that motor oil and transmission fluid are both derived from petroleum oil. Any remnant oil that didn’t drain from the transmission will mix evenly with the transmission fluid so all should be normal. After driving 30 miles and allowing the new ATF to heat up and circulate, it’s worth pulling your ATF dipstick and checking the color of the fluid. New ATF will be bright pink. Any motor oil that might have remained will taint the ATF color a bit.