2008 Toyota 4Runner – using Sea Foam for oil sludge [SOLVED]

I just bought a 2008 Toyota 4Runner that runs good. I just noticed sludge on the crankshaft oil knob. Is Sea Foam safe for the seals and rings? What do you recommend for me to do since everyone has a different opinion?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Great questions, Albert. Sea Foam is always safe when added to oil. It is made from 100% petroleum ingredients that cannot cause harm – it actually nourishes seals and O-rings!  What I’d do: Add half a can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment or Sea Foam High Mileage to your 4Runner’s oil crankcase every interval. It will continually work to reliquefy/clean away heavier oil residue and sludge, helping your engine to run better and last longer!